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What if you had a system that fostered communication and enabled you to focus on what you need to accomplish?

StaffTAP Restaurant Management System

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A Unified Team

The identity grew from the simple idea of happy employees connecting with each other.

Color Palette

Inspired by Fruity Pebbles.

May I Help You?

Our spokesperson, Mr.ST, guides users from purchase through set-up. If you have a problem or a question, you can interact with Mr.ST through online tips or by asking him questions directly.

Project Scope

The Issue
The restaurant industry is akin to performance art. Every day a cast of characters from the kitchen, to wait staff, to operations collaborate to create a unique and engaging experience. Could we create a tool that helps the entire team, from suppliers to bus boys, communicate and manage the process seamlessly?

The Strategy
OTTO NY realized the key to this endeavor was to understand the process from the ground up. Fortunately our client, Joe Florentine, has been in the business foe over 40 years. His knowledge of the restaurant industry combined with our skill in user experience and process management, enabled us to create StaffTAP: a mobile staff scheduling and empowerment program.

The approach was simple, create a tool that enables a restaurant team to actively communicate and take control of their work lives. A system that anticipates needs and works as your partner, from ordering supplies to managing schedules. If the system can anticipate needs, it can help to manage them.

The Outcome
StaffTAP is a fully integrated program that empowers your staff to focus on their most important job, the customer experience. Through an app-enabled system, staff members can view updates, manage their schedules and execute orders, deliveries and a host of other activities all from their hand-held device. StaffTAP enables owners and managers to guide and communicate with their team on a consistent basis.

A well run restaurant is like an orchestra when everyone is on the same page and knows their part. Costs go down and quality goes up. Happy employees lead to happy customers who become regular customers, the bedrock of any successful restaurant.

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