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DV4 is a joint effort between dcc and OTTO NY celebrating the power of visual communication. We called on an incredibly varied and talented group of photographers, art directors and print craftsmen to document these experiences.

From Sensation to Sustenance

Conceived / Edited / Directed / Designed / Written / Produced / Prepared & Printed by dcc and OTTO NY

| Project Scope

Visual Storytellers

We’ve asked some of New York's most accomplished visual storytellers to spend the last year exploring and documenting who, what, where, and how the people of New York relate to food. In this limited edition dV-project box set, we take you on 8 related journeys, a tour of NYC culinary stories and experiences.

From Sustenance to Sensation

In From Sustenance to Sensation, we explore this vibrant and vital aspect of NYC culture. It’s about the people who make our city. It’s about the worlds they inhabit: from taco trucks, to soul food joints, to the high altars of the art of crafting a fine dining experience. It’s about sustenance—more than just a meal, it’s the people you share it with. It’s about that special grandmother’s recipe passed down and shared…from every corner of the globe. It’s about different traditions coming together while some of the best chefs in the world work to perfect their art and deliver new and better sensations.


In this limited edition dV-project we’ve asked some of New York’s most accomplished visual storytellers to spend the last year exploring and documenting who, what, where, and how the people of New York relate to food.


Imagine a financial site that is engaging, informative and accessible anywhere, on any device. We did.

GE Energy Financial Services

Strategy / Site Architecture / UX / Branding / Design / Content Strategy & Management / Writing / Illustration / Development

| Project Scope

Mobile Access

From desktop to smart phone, the GE EFS site allows users to take a quick view or in-depth analysis of any project in the GE EFS pipeline.

A Seamless Branded Experience
communicates efficiently, taking advantage
of the opportunities each digital
device provides.

The Issue
Although GE has a large corporate presence online—over 1,000 sites—the GE Energy Financial Services (GE EFS) site had fallen behind. Equally challenging, was knowing what brand standards to use in the online environment, as the guidelines are widely open for interpretation.

GE EFS needed a site that provided an inviting gateway into GE Energy Financial Services, consistent with the GE and GE Capital template system. The site had to showcase the projects and companies in which GE EFS has invested, to attract and inspire new customers. Most importantly the project needed to explain the value GE EFS provides: deep industry knowledge, expertise, tremendous breadth and the ability to help clients reach their goals with unexpected solutions. It was equally important to erase lingering misconceptions about GE EFS: that it is too expensive and difficult to work with.

The Strategy
• Analyze the GE web universe and develop a branded template system that ties
GE EFS to other GE businesses,  while looking towards the future, not the past.

• Rethink the content from the ground up. Questioning everything and only keeping
what is truly useful—the process ran from card-sorting to full feature development.

• Develop a new user-centric architecture by understanding their needs.

The Outcome
A user-centric design that engages visitors through value-focused, customer-centric content. One of only four responsive sites at GE, the GE EFS design allows current and potential customers to view the most important information at-a-glance, with the ability to do a deep dive at their fingertips—on any device, anywhere.

Additionally, we developed an editorial calendar that allows the site to capture trends and needs from the market and customer environments, then demonstrate how GE EFS can help customers and partners achieve their goals.

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