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Sep 14 2017

Finding the Right Agency Partner

How to Hire an Agency that Grows Your Business All too often the experience of hiring an agency begins with | View

Sep 13 2017

Heavy Rotation, Vol. 3

Music is a constant source of inspiration for all of us at OTTO Brand Lab. Watch this space to hear | View

Aug 22 2017

Science Nerds Unite!

Through a thin sliver between two buildings, the OTTO NY crew catches the solar eclipse outside the office. Stephanie was | View

Aug 14 2017

Heavy Rotation, Vol. 2

Music is a constant source of inspiration for all of us at OTTO Brand Lab. Watch this space to hear | View

Jul 26 2017

What keeps you up at night?

Always at the vanguard of paper science, the team at International Paper are obsessively committed to creating products that foster | View

Aug 14 2017

Heavy Rotation, Vol. 1

Music is a constant source of inspiration for all of us at OTTO Brand Lab. Keep checking back to hear | View

Jul 25 2017

The Art & Science of Digital Printing

Together with dcc, we created the first digital swatch book for our partners at International Paper. This video showcases how | View

Nov 27 2013

Lessons I Learned from Chico

I write this post on a sad note. This week we lost the great Chico Hamilton. His life was as | View

Jan 3 2014

Kahn Lucas

Fashion mom approves and daughter wants. Kahn Lucas started as the Triumph Shirt Company on March 12, 1889 in two | View

Nov 12 2013


Together at Last Kissamint is the first oral care product to combine mouth freshener and lip conditioner in one. For | View

Nov 11 2013

Legends NYC

We set out to create an identity. In the end, we created a personality. Based on hand drawn poster type | View

Oct 28 2013


Important announcement from your friends at OTTO NY!

Aug 23 2013

We Suck Less

The t-shirts we made for DCC‘s party.  

Nov 12 2013


Protection, team work, support. Ruffin, a California based insurance company, approached OTTO to create their new brand. The brand position | View

Oct 25 2013

Chico Hamilton’s Revelation CD

To mark his 90th birthday, jazz legend Foreststorn “Chico” Hamilton releases Revelation the first of his three latest albums. He and his | View

Oct 25 2013

Is the Brand Equity in U.S. Currency Too Great to Change the Design?

I remember a discussion I had a while back with my friend Gus—who is from the Dominican Republic—about the U.S. | View

Oct 25 2013

Hurry Up and Innovate!

Everyone is looking for a guaranteed process for innovation. Today, creative thinking is being taught everywhere from elite business schools | View

Oct 25 2013

Artisan Design

Over the last couple of years Artisan is a word that has slowly crept into my life. I have consumed | View

Oct 25 2013

Your Brain on Creativity

In this demanding marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get clients to take a creative risk. Most companies wish to | View

Oct 25 2013

Brands Are Made (Not Designed)

Every once in while we are reminded that branding and design can’t change a company. We may be able to | View

Oct 25 2013

Early Color Photography from Russia →

These photos are striking in their stark, stoic manner. The flat color of the photography is accentuated by the primitive | View

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